We are currently in the period when different companies are starting to use the blockchain technology to enable them to give superior products and services than their competitors. Providing un-matched services would always give companies an edge above the rest.

And one of the cutting edge services is the integration of a cryptocurrency in their general system of services and support. Cryptocurrency is generally used for money transfer activities such as remittance or online payment systems – but we would like to add another innovation for its usage.

Introducing TOA COIN.

TOA stands for Travel Operations Agency and its main goal is to provide its users the capability to use TOA as the cryptocurrency within its umbrella of partnered Hotels and Travel agencies.

This is a very bold and fresh approach to integrate a cryptocurrency as an additional and secure mode of payment and transfers between travel agencies, event suppliers and hotel companies. The process of partnering with different travel entities that would utilize TOA COIN is already undergoing!

Our offices are established in the Philippines and Malaysia where initial projects would commence.

Aside from typical cryptocurrency systems like block explorer, wallets and exchange listings, 2 projects are in their initial stages. These are the TOA Hub Cafe and the TOA Bookings.

TOA Hub Cafe is like your friendly neighborhood coffee shop that would accept your TOA coins.

It being a HUB for TOA – would also mean that TOA Coin holders would be able to redeem perks given to all TOA members.

These perks could be discounts rates, freebies while enjoying their free and comfortable personal space to talk with other members, go online, trade in the crypt-exchanges and get support and additional support from the TOA staff and where necessary, the TOA technical team.

There will also be an offline exchange program where you can buy/sell TOA to and from your local currency depending on where the TOA Hub Cafe is located. This is where you can also meet other TOA users, merchants and potential business partners.

TOA Bookings on the other hand acts like your regular travel booking online that makes of TOA as the digital currency. The hotel accommodations and travel packages that will be listed here are the TOA business partners where you can experience the most out of their services through the TOA coins.

Instead of a typical ICO – TOA COINS will have its CROWDSALE.

TOA coins will be available in fixed packages with a rate of $0.003 USD per TOA coin this month.

The sale will only last for a week or 2 so that we can immediately be listed in exchanges in July for active trading.

We will still be offering the packages for those who would like to buy TOA directly from us but it will be based on the trading price with small discounts.

All the wallets will be ready this month including the mobile and the online wallet where you can buy the packages.

Our 5-year target price is $1 USD per TOA and this will be aggressively pursued by providing travel related services (flights, hotels, events, bookings etc – where the TOA coin is integrated in their payment scheme options.

The advantages of using a cryptocurrency for your travel-related expenses cannot be underestimated. The rates are not affected by the ongoing currency exchange rates, operational through mobile and desktop wallets, very secure and all transactions are easily monitored through the blockchain.

Truly a convenience like no other.

To know more about the project, please visit www.toacoin.com

We will be announcing here where you can buy the TOA packages once it is ready.

Initial Specs:
Volume: 8.8 billion
Type: POW/POS Scrypt
Staking Rate: 2% p.a

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