TOA is a cryptocurrency designed to be used in Travel industry. Some of TOA projects involve a Cafe, a capsule-based Inn, an Online Booking site and many more. The idea is for you to be able to use your TOA on these systems  thereby presenting an efficient mode of payment that TOA users will surely enjoy.

TOA has 8.8 Billion coins, yes you read that right but only 49% are usable because 51% or the 4.43 Billion coins were sent to these 2 wallets (click here and here to view them).

These 2 wallets act as nodes to make sure that in the future no 3rd party group or organization will own 51% of the staking network. Owning such  may eventually allow them to edit the blockchain for their own good and agenda.

TOA has a low 2% inflation rate which will prevent flooding the market with too much new coins. Low inflation rate, stable network and great future plans lead to a very successful coin. We’re being traded in 3 cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment and these steps below show you how to trade in Cryptopia if you don’t know how to do it.

1) Go to Cryptopia then enter your credentials. If you don’t have an account yet, click Create Account then fill out the required details. Once you have an account already feel free to click on Login.

2) Click on the Bitcoin symbol next to your name in the upper right part of your window, it will take you to Balances.

3) Enter TOA or BTC depending on which coin would you like to deposit funds to. Then click on the Deposit symbol as shown in the screenshot below.

4) It will then generate an address like this one below.

The address listed is your Deposit address, this is where you will be depositing your TOA or BTC depending on which coin did you select. Take note that you will have different addresses per coin so your BTC deposit address is different than your TOA deposit address.

5) Once you’re done depositing your coins, click on Exchange or simply go to this link.

6) Now, you will be in the TOA-BTC trading page. If not make sure that you’re on this link.

There are 3 fields that you have to fill in the Amount to Buy/Sell, Price per TOA and BTC total.

The price per TOA has a price in it already but you can edit it to whichever price you want to buy/sell your TOA. Trading is creating matches, those orders that are already there are just waiting for the willing buyer/seller in their dictated price.

The highest Buy order gets to be on the top of the Buy Orders while the lowest Sell order gets to be on the top of the Sell Orders list.

In the image above, 0.00000128 BTC is the lowest Sell order while 0.00000114 BTC is the highest Buy order. If you want to buy right away, you have to buy whatever is currently being sold which is at the price rate of 0.00000128 BTC per TOA. And if you want sell, then you can sell at the current highest buying price of 0.00000114 BTC per TOA.

But, you can also set a different price like maybe you want to buy at a cheaper price than what is currently being sold at, then you state the price you want to set. Since the highest buying price is 0.00000114 BTC per TOA, you might want to set a higher price at 0.00000115 BTC or more for your order to be the one listed at the top, meaning, if there’s someone willing to sell it will be your order which will get hit first.

Try to buy and sell little amounts for you to get the hang of it.

If you want to buy TOA but don’t want the hassle of going to exchanges, you can do so by going to It also allows you to refer other people and give you earnings depending on the amount of TOA they bought.  It even accept other mode of payment like Paypal, Skrilll, other Cryptocurrencies and Bank transfers for Philippine and Malaysian users.

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