In order to bring you a cryptocurrency that is global, that has a very supportive community and motivated with great vision; we’re bringing in the merger of TOA and Pesobit partnership.
Pesobit which had an ICO last August 2016 was launched at a price of 0.002 USD. It steadied at around 0.006 USD for the past few months.
It has its Online Wallet, Coinomi for the mobile wallet, Coinpayments for the ECommerce API, Ewallet for PSB->Philippine Peso conversion, Marketplace at and thousands of users.
On the other hand, TOA is a new promising coin which was added in exchanges more than a month ago and has been a heavily traded coin on all 3 exchanges (CCex, Cryptopia and NovaExchange).
The merger will be a 1:1 arrangement with all existing  Pesobits to be converted to TOA. With this, all existing PSB systems will be usable by TOA users after the merge. Pesobit will be absorbed by TOA and will take on the identity of TOA.

The projects of both coins will be combined which will include the following:
1. TOA Hub Cafe – First one is to be completed this year in Desa Park City Kuala Lumpur. The Hub Cafe will be spread out in major cities in several countries. It will be a traditional yet exquisitely modern, coffee shop which will accept TOA as mode of payment. It will also have other services like an Offline Exchange where one can exchange their TOA to/from their local currency.  There will be no need for a TOA- BTC conversion before changing it to your local currency.Some Cafe will also have a capsule-based hotel where backpackers and small group of travelers will find  affordable -than paying for a hotel room.

2. Electrum Wallet – Some of you probably have used an Electrum wallet from Bitcoin before. This is a lightweight wallet which allows one to just simply run the wallet and it will work right away, without the need to download the blocks to get synced. The only downside is that it doesn’t stake because it doesn’t download the entire blockchain. But this allows you to be able to send and receive coins upon connecting.

3. Own mobile app – although we’re trying to get added in Coinomi for a mobile solution, it serves as a pure mobile multi-wallet. A separate mobile app will be important to provide a mobile solution to our future projects.

4. TOA Bookings – TOA is all about partnerships with hotels and travel agencies and TOA Bookings will be the website where one can book their hotel accommodation online using TOA coins.
There will be more projects slated with the merging of Pesobit and TOA, some of which would be for Freelancing and E-commerce.

TOA is an 8.8B coin with half of it being kept to secure the network against a 51% attack that unfortunately happened to a few coins. The kept coins are located at: TNJDL76eUmSgj2bBte1pg9P3jhzLb2Ftke and TQhd5MP5MRncYrH2Pjd2CPNApQbuKw6oT4 which can be viewed in our Block Explorer.
It has a low inflation rate of 2% to make sure that price will be stable. TOA uses plain Proof-of-Stake instead of Pesobit’s PoSP so users will have a fixed 2% per annum staking rewards.
TOA just got incorporated in Malaysia and is also in the process of incorporation in the Philippines.
TOA participated in the Bangkok Cryptocurrency Expo last month to establish partnerships with International users and will join another expo before the year ends. This is to make sure that TOA will be well known in as many countries as possible.
Our Malaysia office address is in Blk H-G-12 Plaza Arcadia No 3, Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. While our current Philippine address is at level 29 Joy Nostalg Building ADB Ave Ortigas Pasig City but we’re migrating to a bigger office in a few days so we can accommodate bigger team to serve the combined users of PESOBIT AND TOA now merged and as simply TOA.

How and When will the Swap be?
I already requested for Pesobit to be stopped trading in CCex. In order to get your Pesobit swapped to TOA
1) Send your Pesobits to your Online Wallet account at
2) Process a Withdrawal but the Destination address should be your TOA Address.
3) Within the next 24 hours, you will receive your TOA to your designated TOA Address.

1) Where can I get TOA Addresses and where is it being traded?
– TOA is being traded in Cryptopia, CCex and NovaExchange. We’ll also be trying to get listed in Bittrex as soon as we have a strong community behind us. You can download the wallets from here.
2) Will there be a Mobile wallet and/or Online Wallet for TOA?
– Yes Online Wallet and Mobile wallet will be provided this month of September
3) If ever there are issues, to which email should we raise it to?
– Please send an email to [email protected] for all of your concerns
4) What will happen to Pesobits that are currently staking?
– New stakes will no longer be allowed and those who are in the middle of their staking period will have to wait til it get completed for it to appear as their Pesobit balance which they can withdraw to TOA
5) Will there be an Online Staking in TOA Online Wallet in the future?
– Yes and it will be fixed at 2% per annum
6) What are the important links of TOA?
Website, Coinmarketcap, BitcointalkFacebookTwitter, and Youtube