TOA COIN joined the 1st Crypto Expo Davao held last October 7 at the Davao Convention (DAVCON) Center.

TOA COIN was recognized by 1st CryptoExpo in Davao as one of its GOLD sponsors led by the Chief Technical Director Benjamin Pacheco Jr.

The team arrived in Davao City in the morning  of October 7 and checked in at a hotel a few minutes away.
After settling into the rooms, the team had a 2-hour review of concept and procedures in preparation for the Expo that evening.

3 speakers were featured at the Expo – namely, Dr. Gian Albano – VP for the Organizing team of the Expo. He spoke about the need to latch on to the new Blockchain Technology. He highlighted the fact that so many Filipinos are still unaware about Cryptocurrency and the need to educate the country of its benefits and uses.

The second speaker Rand Bentson, a former US Army sharpshooter instructor, talked about the evolution of money. And why Cryptocurrency needs to be embraced by this generation and the next.

The final speaker was Phil Dalo, a very young and energetic president of Daxo International (event organizer) who shared about his cryptocurrency journey. He said he loves anything crypto – and was pleased to see 2 Filipino Crypto coins who sponsored the event.

It was the first CryptoExpo in the country – and we are very sure that there will be more in the coming months.

TOACOIN will be doing its foray into information campaign to different sectors of the society so that the millions of Filipinos will be educated on the benefits and uses of the TOA COIN.

The other TOA COIN members present at the event were : Cherry Estrella, Darwin Paz and RD Pena.

Pictures posted on the TOA FB page