One of the questions that we encounter lately is how to make the balance in your TOA Online Wallet same with that of your Desktop Wallet.

Such is not possible because for cryptocurrencies, your Web-based Online wallet is not your Desktop wallet — they are 2 separate wallets. In your Web-based Online wallet, you’re free to create an account, choose your email address or enter any other details. With your Desktop wallet, you didn’t enter any of your personal records so basically there’s no link between them. If you think that why is my email on the phone in-synced with my email via the web browser? That is because you do have a common user credentials via a UN/PW so they’re synced to one another which in cryptocurrency wallets, it is not because they’re actual wallet which you cannot replicate. It is not like your Bank records where one company (your bank) holds your record so every branch you go they know who you are. Doing such defeats the purpose of decentralized technology of blockchain.

If that is the case, how can I transfer funds from my Desktop wallet going to my TOA Online Wallet account? In cryptocurrency, in order for you to be able to transfer coins, you need to know the destination wallet address.

Here is a quick instruction guide:

1) Login to your TOA Online Wallet account, your wallet address is being displayed right in the Dashboard. Copy your TOA Address.

Enter this URL: in your web browser

Input your Username and Password

Once logged in, you will see this page.

You will see your Online Wallet Address on this page.


2) Open your TOA Desktop Wallet. If you haven’t open your Desktop Wallet for some time, a note on your Desktop Wallet will say that it is out of sync.

For this to get fixed, your Desktop Wallet should be in sync. Just let your TOA Desktop Wallet open for a while and it will sync on its own.


3) Once your Desktop Wallet is now ‘synced’ with the network. You can now send your TOA coins from your Desktop Wallet to your online TOA Wallet.

Click Send

Enter your Online TOA Wallet and the amount of TOA you wish to send. (Label field is not mandatory to fill)


4) Your Online Wallet balance should be updated with the transferred amount in no longer than 15mins (provided your Desktop Wallet is synced)