TOA started in mid-2017 and was listed in exchanges by July. Companies were then set-up in Malaysia and Philippines so we can start operations and work on our stated goals.

We want TOA to be the preferred currency that anyone can use in booking their next trip online, pay with, as they sip a cup of coffee in our Cafe, pay freelancers, send money to your home country via remittances with FIAT direct conversion and many more.

Every time we travel or exchange our money to that of our host country, we lose a lot of its value due to the exchange rates.

With cryptocurrency such as TOA, your currency value remains intact, giving you more power regardless of where you are at any given moment.  This will be a reality as we strive to provide as much services as possible that will accept TOA, and this will help our users take advantage of this so-called Internet money.


During the past 5 months, we attended 4 Expos: Bangkok, Thailand; Davao, Philippines, Santa Clara in US; and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

We attended these Expos to let the locals there know that we’ll be developing systems that will make use of cryptocurrency. We also established our first TOA Cafe dubbed as Spacehub in Desa Park City Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It accepts TOA as the mode of payment .  It is even conveniently located just a few steps away from our KL office.


A Coffee Shop or two will open in the Philippines at the heart of a central business district.  We want our clientele to not only enjoy a cup of good quality coffee using TOA as mode of payment, but to also learn more about cryptocurrency in general. 

It will accept cash as well – but discounts are given to those who will pay using TOA.

We aim it to be a modern yet cozy place as we will be offering Financial services within its premises like Remittance, offline exchange, co-working spaces and many more.

Depending on the location, some branches could even have a capsule hotel.


Remittances is one of the services where cryptocurrency can thrive in. When we went to Santa Clara USA last November, what people saw there as a possible ground-breaking opportunity for TOA, is tackling the Remittance industry.

There are some companies who were able to do it using Bitcoin despite the expensive transaction fees of Bitcoin nowadays, so it is also possible for TOA.



Since we aim to benefit travelers, Online Booking platform will be one of the platforms we will be working on next year. The platform will accept TOA as the mode of payment and we will be working on hotel/resort partnerships initially in the Philippines and Malaysia


Most coins nowadays use Bitcoin as their gateway currency. For you to be able to trade a coin, you need to convert your local money to bitcoin first, then send it to an exchange so you can buy the altcoin of your choice.

We want TOA to be directly-tradable from FIAT at least in the Philippines, and possibly Malaysia – so if Bitcoin suddenly has a huge price swing, our TOA value won’t be affected as much.

We already have a registered business in the Philippines for this operation and we’re engaging with our Central Bank so we can be regulated and have direct transactions with local banks as well. TOA will be one of the base currencies together with Philippine Peso, USD Tether, BTC and probably a couple more. We want it to be user friendly so a mobile app will also be created.


Freelancing and E-Commerce will also be tackled so platforms for these will also be released next year. We believe that these are the 2 industry markets that TOA could capitalize on.


Although TOA is all about services, we won’t forget on improving our coin itself.

Electrum, aliasing, master node and others are some of the features already being looked into by our developers as of this writing.

All of the aforementioned services will have a mobile app to make sure that we can use all of the TOA services with ease. We will be releasing monthly/quarterly updates on each project so please watch out for these.

But if you’re within Desa Park City in Kuala Lumpur or Ortigas, Manila then you can drop by our office and know the updates first-hand.



We will be offering 5% bonus when you buy directly from the Online wallet at to get you started with TOA.

Promo will last until January 7, 2018.