Bootstrap allows one to easily catch up the blocks instead of allowing the desktop wallet to download all the needed blocks. This bootstrap contains 383821 blocks compressed in a zip file which is beneficial for newly installed Windows wallet.

How to use the Bootstrap?

Open the Windows wallet or you can download it from this link:
Close the Windows wallet
Download the Bootstrap from!sRBSmaQD!fJvpHOgoxZj92FfwVKbsr0Cd7gCvjXEUHK4BwJY5rsA
Click on Start then search for %appdata%, this should take you to Roaming folder
Open the TOA folder but if there’s none, make sure you opened the Windows wallet before since this creates the initial TOA folder.
Move or copy the bootstrap file to the TOA folder then extract
Open the TOA Windows wallet again and let it sync/download the more remaining blocks.

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