It has been a roller coaster ride in the world of Cryptocurrencies during the first 3 months of this year. We saw coins reached their all-time highs in January then lose more than half of or even 90% of their value by March 2018. The total Cryptocurrency Market Cap reached its all-time high during the first week of January at 800+ billion USD, but it ended the 1st quarter just at 250 billion USD.

Bitcoin price still dictates the overall price movement of the entire cryptocurrency industry because global prices are still reliant on cryptocurrency trading with hardly any impact coming from real-world application. Currently, there’s no real-world demand that is significant enough to push prices up and the projects we are doing in TOA will change that.

The TOA team continues to strive towards completing our roadmap and here are the updates for each project we worked on in the 1st quarter and we also added some things that you can look forward to in the 2nd quarter of the year.

ONLINE BOOKING – This serves as your means to directly book hotels using cryptocurrencies. It will cover thousands of rooms just like your regular online booking website. Initially, we will launch it to only accept TOA, but we will also include other major cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH in our future updates. However, paying using TOA will give you great discounts! Excited already? Our ETA for completion is in the 2nd quarter and then we’ll test with our beta testers for a 3rd quarter official release. You should definitely watch out for this!


CAFE – The 1st quarter was spent looking for the right tools for this to happen and it went very well. We are closing a deal which will make TOA a mode of payment for a Philippine-based coffee shop chain. By the end of the year, we will see dozens of branches accepting TOA.


MOBILE APP – TOA aims to make cryptocurrency easy to use so we are launching our own free to download mobile app for users and merchants in the 2nd quarter. It will provide a premium user experience and it will also enable any merchant who would like to use cryptocurrency as a payment option for their business. We’ll release more details about this project in the next couple of weeks.


TOA WALLET – The 1st quarter of this year allowed us to revise our desktop wallet. We also started the bootstrap for those who would like to use the Desktop wallet. By downloading the bootstrap, users don’t need to download the entire blocks anymore which makes syncing significantly faster. We’re already working on the Electrum wallet which is becoming quite a challenge because the original RPC doesn’t work well with the current version of Electrum; but we believe we’ll be able to find a solution since a few coins were able to do it. To those who are not aware, Electrum wallet is a non-staking desktop wallet that doesn’t require the downloading of blocks anymore. Just install the Electrum, run it, and use it right away. With regular desktop wallets, if it’s left closed for several days, it will need to catch up to the new blocks before it syncs. With Electrum, just open it and it syncs instantly for you and users can transfer coins right away. Our redesigned web wallet will also be released in the 2nd quarter. replica watches co uk
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