The main argument against cryptocurrencies is its lack of real-world usage. In spite of all the advances in technology, cryptocurrency is still not accessible to the masses. There are people who still do not understand how blockchain works or why there is a need to use crypto instead of fiat money.

 Much of the talk about crypto is still around the price volatility of bitcoin and why bitcoin and altcoins can be a good (or bad investment). When you browse the internet, there’s not enough news how cryptocurrency can be replica watch used in actual day-to-day transactions. Cryptocurrency at this point is still a very niche technology that has no tangible benefits to the common people.

 The TOA Team understands this problem and we also see this as an opportunity to present a new product which can be beneficial to anyone who owns TOA Coins.

 Before we go into the details of our new web wallet, let us review the difference between a Desktop Wallet and a Web Wallet first.


Desktop Wallet vs. Web Wallet

 A Desktop Wallet is primarily used to stake or mine new coins, but it can only be used in the computer where the desktop wallet is installed.

 A Web Wallet cannot stake, but it can be accessed anywhere with any web browser as long as the user is connected to the internet. If you need replica watches to send TOA coins while you are on a beach and you only have your tablet with you, then this is they best way to do it.


Latest Features

 In TOA, our goal has always been to create products that will maximize the advantages of cryptocurrency and to make it easy-to-use for everyone. We redesigned our web wallet to add more features and functionalities that we believe can help the users get more out of TOA Coins.

 These are the main features and functionalities that you will see once you login to



· Toa Coin Address – copy your address and send TOA Coins

· Important Links – download links for the desktop wallet and view our roadmap

· Exchanges – convert your TOA Coins through our partner exchanges

· Recent Logins – check your login details and see if there’s unauthorized access to your account

· TOA Twitter Feed – follow us and get the latest updates about TOA Coin

· Future Projects – see the exciting projects of TOA

· Support Email – send us your concerns and suggestions to further improve TOA Coin  

· Partner Merchants – know which merchants already accept TOA Coins as payment


 Instantaneous Transfer with ZERO transaction Fees  

The web wallet users can also take advantage of the instantaneous transfer of TOA Coins to another web wallet user and it will have ZERO Transaction fees. Just make sure that the recipient has a valid address.

 Now, it’s faster and easier to send TOA Coin to anyone in the world!

 Benefits for Merchants

 Merchants who are already in the platform can also enjoy the benefit of receiving instant payments from Toacoin users. Merchants who are interested to join our platform can send an email to [email protected] and our representative will get in touch with you.

 Once you are a confirmed partner Merchant, your business logo will be added in the merchant page of and our users all over the world can see it.