This is already complete and will be released for Beta testing in the next few days under the Windows environment and the MAC version will come shortly afterwards. To those who are not aware what an Electrum wallet is, it is a Desktop wallet that doesn’t require users to download the entire blocks anymore.



Our goal is to open a cafe to give TOA users real world usage, as well as showcasing the power of TOA’s blockchain technology as a means of payment for daily purchases like a cup of coffee. Instead of opening our own coffee shop, we instead inked an exclusive deal with Farron Cafe Philippines to use TOA in all their branches. Farron currently has more than 200 branches in the entire Philippines. Farron will also bring TOA as they expand their operations in Southeast Asia. We will start implementing TOA payment in one of their branches and we will then spread out steadily to their other branches in the next few weeks.



Our booking platform will allow you to book hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms worldwide just like agoda.com, booking.com, or expedia.com, but with the added benefit of direct cryptocurrency payments to book your favorite hotels. The site is almost done and could be ready for testing next month.



We’re still working on the possibility of a partnership with an existing freelancing website or we could build our own. The 4th quarter launch for this platform is still possible.