2017 bull run has came to a halt in 2018 January, as Bitcoin lost over 40% of its value and almost half of the ICOs that held in 2017 had failed to achieve their target price. G20 Financial Stability Board stating that “cryptocurrency could be problematic for uneducated investors, blockchain technology could lead to financial inclusion. It wasn’t a victory dance for crypto, but the overall sentiment was positive.”

As we can see from above statement, cryptocurrencies doesn’t seems to be in an optimism situation and the market definitely is in bearish trend, yet it does not affect much on TOA pricing. Let’s have a recap of TOA by each quarter.

Quarters 1 and 2

In the 1st quarter, TOA had listed in another two market exchange – TradeSatoshi and Cryptobridge. Not only being listed in market exchange, TOA is also one of the top 10 cryptocurrency in TradeSatoshi.

The major development as a travel industry cryptocurrency is to develop an Online Booking platform that allow TOA Coins investors to book partnered hotel. TOA made the planning and working on partnerships with the hotels. In the 2nd quarter, it was 70% completed on the whole project. Besides that, TOA also welcome a total of 2 merchants – Mom’s Rice Soup Café in South Korea and Professional Watch Lab.      

Earlier this March, cryptocurrency market encounter a massive hit. The total market capitalisation went from $372 billion to $309 billion in just one day. TOA price was affected but it manage to be in stable trend compare to the other crytocurrencies. TOA pick up from this crash in July which believe that investors are getting to see through the potentials of TOA.

Quarters 3 and 4

As mentioned above, TOA market price had a quick pick up on July from the crash and catch up with the market. In the 4th quarter, TOA had a great up trend, it increased 489% in 3 months. TOA have again prove that the market see the potential of TOA and getting started to invest in it.

As per last quarter 70% completion of Online Booking platform, TOA had completed it in 3rd quarter and beta launching of it. After TOA had confirmation on the overall completion of the Online Booking platform, it was officially launched at the 4th quarter and start accept booking.

Another great news in the 4th quarter is that TOA listed in two more exchange market – Crex24 and Exrates Exchange. Other than that, TOA again welcome a total of 6 merchants in South Korea and Malaysia – RJ Plastic Surgery in Korea, Korean Fried Chicken in Penang, Korean BBQ Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Thirsty Bar in Penang, Simply Leafy in Penang and Reunion Souvenir Shop in Penang.  

What’s Next for 2019?

Along with the launching of Online Booking platform (TOABooking.com), TOA is going to launch a mobile app for TOABooking.com at the 1st quarter of 2019. TOA Coins holder able to book their hotel with just a feel clicks through TOABooking.com app, it is flexible, efficient and accessible. Beside that, TOA is launching flight ticket booking through TOABooking.com at the 1st quarter, user able to book both hotel and flight ticket together through a single online booking platform.

While in the second quarter, TOA will be launching TOA Pension house in Korea, privilege TOA members get to enjoy their night in this pension house. In fact, this project is already in progress and looking for it launch.

TOA have already successfully develop the electrum wallet and app as payment method, now TOA is going to focus on expanding the realm for TOA investors to spend and increase its value. Other than that, TOA is also looking to share our very own blockchain technology to businesses that interested on replacing their existing technology to blockchain technology.