There are so many hotels booking website in this world of internet trying to attract your business. It’s often quite difficult to know whether or not you’re getting the real great deal or you can trust that particular website or that travel agency.

We always end up wasting our time comparing here and there to get the “Great Deal” but you might found out somewhere else is even cheaper. Choosing an online travel booking platform, you have to find the one that is ease of use (User friendly), trustable and the most important is consistently having good prices.

Here! We are introducing you a new online booking platform that allow you to book your hotel by using cryptocurrency.

Check out below some of the reasons why:

1. Wide range of hotels to choose

In there are more than 600,000 of hotels worldwide for users to choose. From Asia to Europe and even United States of America. You get to choose the rating star of the hotel that you preferred based on your budget.  

2. Look for hotels that fit your needs

You can input based on your needs in the parameters, travel location, your desire accommodation dates, your budget and even hotel rating that you’re looking for. Once the system filter your requirement, you’ll brough to a new page that lists all the possible hotels available during the time, date and exact prices per night. Just with one click, you get to book your hotel immediately and pay by using TOA Coin or Bitcoin.

3. offer special discount

In, it offer you to pay by using either TOA Coin or Bitcoin. But if you pay by using TOA Coins, you will get to entitled a 10% OFF no matter which hotel you book for. Even the particular hotel is having promotion, as long as you pay by using TOA Coin, you are entitled the 10% OFF.

4. No hidden fees, Clear pricing

The prices displayed are the priced you pay. doesn’t add any reservation fees, admin fees or services fees. In fact, does not charge you any on anything. All of your payment are directly pay to the hotel.

Yes, occasionally there will be additional charges when hotel add tourists taxes or additional fees to the bill when arrive. 

choose hotels in one site

5. Compare different hotels in just one site

In, it provide general information about the hotel at the very bottom of the hotel’s listing page. You will get to see the amenities and services the hotel offer (facilities, parking, airport transfer, etc.) You can also check facilities that hotel’s rooms offer (free Wifi, cable / satellite television, sofa, etc). You can compare with other hotels that and decide which hotel to stay in.

Why pay more when you can enjoy 10% OFF when pay by using cryptocurrency (TOA Coins)? It’s quick and easy-to-use, you get to compare hotels across your travel location by just a few clicks and scrolling.

And the greater is yet to come. In this 1st quarter, will be launching flight ticket booking as well. By it means, you’ll get to book your hotel and flight ticket in just one site, make your planning easier when you need to figure out your travel schedule.