You might have a question on your mind how to book through (the cryptocurrency hotel booking website) and how to pay by using Toa Coin. These questions will be answered here. We will give you a step by steps guidance on how to book a hotel through and how to pay by using Toa coin and get the 10% discount.

Now, first of all, you need to specify your destination, dates of travel, also how many nights you stay and how many people will be staying in order to search the hotel that fulfills your requirement.

Let’s get started:

1. Search Hotels

Hotel Booking Search Bar

Start your search with filling in the details mentioned above: destination, dates of staying, rooms and how many people will be staying. Once you have to fill in all the details, just click search and the system will do their job.

2. Select Hotel

Select Hotel at Online Hotel Booking Site (

After click search, you will be brought to a page where hotels will be displayed. There is a lot of hotel in this page which is available on your travel dates and fulfills your requirements that you fill in earlier. So, look through it and search the one that you prefer, click on the hotel title or photo to see the hotel details. You can also search by your preferred hotel star rating.

3. Book Hotel

In this page you will get to see the hotel exact location, you can check whether or not that’s the location you prefer and make your trip planning. Besides that, the hotel rooms details are also being displayed on this page as well as the facilities, and some hotel rules. Once you have decided which room to book with, select Book Now.

4. Fill in contact information and guests details

Enter details for hotel booking

After you have selected your preferred hotel room, is time to fill in your contact information and guests details. Make sure all details are correct, then proceed with payment.

5. Select your payment  

Select Toa Coin as your payment method. Fill up your Toa e-wallet address and password to log in for payment.

6. Confirm Payment & Booking

Once you have logged in to TOA e-wallet, confirm the details (Email & Wallet Address), then proceed payment by clicking “Pay With Toa Coins”. After that, your screen will show up the confirmation pop out with details and confirmation number, mark down the confirmation number for booking references. will also send you a confirmation email with all the payment details as well as booking details.

Now, you know how to book a hotel through by using TOA Coins and benefits from 10% discount. Why not start to plan your holiday for you and your family member? Convenience payment method with cheaper price.