We all know most of the millennials these days wish to travel to different places every year. With the fast pace of technology, it is now simpler and easier to travel. Moreover, a lot of youngsters nowadays looking to earn money or gain their income by traveling — creating a vlog, writing a travel blog, or give online education. For a traveler like them, to make traveling easier and more convenient, Toa Coin is one of the travel cryptocurrency that can make it; a cryptocurrency designed for the travel and tourism industry.

Yes, there are tons of questions and debate about cryptocurrency is still yet to be widely used no matter for the travel industry or daily usage. Here, we are sharing you the ideas and guides you can use on Toa Coin for travel and if cryptocurrency is your option to use as a currency.



When traveling, getting accommodation taking the most of your time and wish to be as budget as possible. Yes, there are indeed plenty of hotel booking platform out there you may choose to compare with. But, the different with Toa Coin is that Toa Coin runs TOABooking — An online hotel booking platform that only accepts Toa Coin and Bitcoin payment. Most importantly, if pay by using Toa Coin, users get to enjoy 10% discount on every booking with an additional 15% OFF for Dubai hotels.

2.Eating and Shopping


This is the most interesting part of using cryptocurrency when traveling. You might need to explore and search for the restaurant or retail shops that accept Toa Coin payment. You need to track where are those shops and restaurant located at. In Malaysia, there are quite a number of the restaurant already accept Toa Coin payments, they are all listed in Toa Coin wallets merchants lists. Same goes to all Toa Coin merchants, users get to enjoy 10% discount when paying by using Toa Coin.

3.To Book Flights


Booking flights tickets are not yet available on TOABooking, but it is expected to launch on the 3rd quarter of 2019. It is ideal for on-the-go, as it allows users to choose directly from TOABooking app and easily make payment by using Toa Coin. Make sure you follow Toa Coin social media platform to get updated news about it.

4.e-commerce Platform


Same as the flight ticket booking, it is yet to be complete but is expected to be done by the end of 4th Quarter, 2019. Products in the e-commerce platform are ranging from electric devices to home electric appliances, clothing wear and many more. The user gets to shop by using their phone and laptop with just a few clicks to get their products to send to them with Toa Coin easy payment. The payment system will convert the currency into Toa Coin and finalize the purchase.

Let’s gear up and be ready for your next holiday. Purchase and invest in Toa Coin, book your accommodation by using Toa Coin and shop at only cryptocurrency payment method e-commerce platform. Create the community together and spread the use of Toa Coin, make your payment, travel and daily expenses easily.