TOA and Future Projects

TOA is a simple cryptocurrency designed to be used in Travel industry.  But you might be wondering where would you use TOA specifically?

Since TOA is a cryptocurrency, all in-house and 3rd party solutions will be provided with the Block Explorer, Desktop and Mobile wallets, Exchange listing, Online wallet and many more.

But that is somewhat expected out of a cryptocurrency like TOA –  although not all cryptocurrencies provide those.

What really stands out for TOA from the hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there, is that it will be used as a digital money across the travel industry, which includes payment for hotel accommodations, travel packages, Cafe, Medical travel and many others.

TOA central business entity will establish partnerships with different Hotels and Travel agencies that will make TOA to be included as one of their payment solutions. TOA payment solution offers more efficient solution compared to existing mode of payment like bank transfer or credit cards.

TOA vs Credit Cards

– TOA has a yearly growth in volume of 2% – this  means the number of your TOA coins increases while your credit card charges you annual fees as well as transaction fees.

– Acquiring credit cards from banks has lots of requirements preventing it to be used by just anyone while TOA can simply be bought and owned by the general public.

– With TOA, you are your own bank and you can send your TOA to anyone who has a TOA wallet be it via mobile, Internet browser or laptops. While for credit cards, you can only used it in merchant terminals.

– TOA is an open source system – this means anyone can use it as their Payment method and there’s no need to worry about outstanding fees unlike setting up Credit card mode of payment in your system.

I know most of you are aware that there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there that could also do this, but there’s a difference. The problem with a decentralized system is that we rely on the general public too much and we don’t have a central entity that works for the development of the cryptocurrency. Although there are a few cryptocurrencies out there where their developers or founders are still active in providing usage for their coin, none of them is focusing on the travel industry.

What really separates TOA from other cryptocurrencies is its goal of providing a better mode of payment for travel related expenses as well as uniting travel agencies so it can provide services to the TOA community.

TOA your innovative travel currency.

What is TOA Hub Cafe?

This is one of the main projects of TOA Management, creating a Hub where TOA users can meet and more.

It’s like your regular coffee shop – but this time, the only currency to be used inside is purely TOA.
Customers can pay using their mobile wallet or online wallet accounts. We could setup partner merchants inside as well to sell their items/products in exchange of your TOA and that’s not even the best part, it also acts as a money exchange center where you can buy and sell your TOA for your local currency.

Using TOA as a mode of payment for all the services is a given and somewhat expected for a cryptocurrency coffee shop but what puts it into the podium is providing a money exchange system in place.
Cryptocurrencies are normally bought via Bitcoin or other digital currencies like Paypal and Credit Cards but in order to bring TOA closer to the people, it has to be easier to be obtained or even sold at local currency value. Creating a direct exchange program will bring in more users as they will find TOA to be very convenient to acquire, to sell and use as mode of payment.

The TOA HUB CAFE is where ideas come into fruition. Where you can meet and speak with the TOA management team members.
This is the place where you can bring a potential merchant partner to showcase what TOA community is like. A place where you can talk to a fellow TOA user and share the amazing experience that cashless payment via TOA brings and most of all, this is where you simply relax and enjoy your delicious coffee and take a break away from your busy day.

TOA in reaching its target price of $1

TOA will only be sold at a price of $0.003 during the pre-order stage so the target price of $1 will be 333 times over. Is that possible? If so, when? We’re targetting to reach this price within the next 5 years and that can only be possible by providing enough usage to its users, have an effective marketing strategy and create long term partnerships with other businesses.

Law of Supply and Demand states that if you want to increase the Price, its either you lessen the Supply or you increase the Demand. In cryptocurrencies like TOA, Supply will be increasing by 2% per annum as that is its inflation rate. So our Demand must be more than that 2% in order for the price to increase. There must be a growing number of users adopting TOA and make them use it as much as possible to have greater circulation. Aside from providing them online systems that cryptocurrencu users usually enjoy with other coins, we must provide the users the tools and the reason why TOA should be a better alternative than what the current system provides. TOA users should be able to enjoy the following services:
1) Pay for their accomodation
2) Avail travel packages
3) Use it as a currency in a Hub Cafe
And more….

For the Marketing Strategy, we will be having a referral system together with offering a 20% discounted price based from Exchanges. Each user who bought TOA from us will have their Referral link that they can use so they can earn from 5% to as high as 13% depending on the referred user purchase amount. We will also be having offline promotions setting up meetings for potential investors as well advertising in Social Media channels.

And of course, what will seperate TOA from most alternative cryptocurrencies is establishing partnerships with different travel-related companies like hotels, travel agencies etc. This will allow TOA users be able to spend their TOA and use it as a better payment method than what we currently have. No more worrying about limitations of your existing mode of payment, expensive fees and slow transfer. Once you have TOA then you can already avail their services by just sending them your TOA from your account or even you mobile wallet.

A cryptocurrency is decentralized in nature which is what other cryptocurrencies are following but if you have a central responsible entity that will steer it to the right direction then you will see that $1 target is possible.

What is TOA?

First off, you need to know what a Blockchain is. TOA including all the other cryptocurrencies out there have a blockchain that they work on. You can easily refer to the blockchain as an electronic ledger of all the transactions. It is also a chain of blocks hence called a blockchain. Think of it as if you’re writing everything that is happening in your business, and a block is a page of your logbook. You flip the page to record new ones – it is the same as additional blocks are being added in the blockchain. You can go back and check what happened before but you can’t edit what you’ve written. Only that blockchain is more of a global scale and reside over the Internet and you’re all allowed to write on the blocks anytime using a software or your wallet. And all of you will have an identical record of events or blockchain. You might be thinking, we record things from anywhere and anytime almost simultaneously so the blocks could be messed up. That’s what ‘confirmation’ is for. If you initially send/receive funds, that transaction will have a transaction id and will be marked as ‘unconfirmed’ at first. It will be written to the blockchain then gets confirmed in the process  basically making it possible  for everyone to know that such transaction happened.

Confirmation basically validates things so the blockchain knows that such coins were already transferred and you can’t spend those anymore. This basically makes sure that all transactions are recorded and validated by a single blockchain regardless if they happened at the same time. Take a look at this image below to get a clearer picture of how blockchain works.

TOA has its own blockchain – meaning we can only transfer assets across our blockchain and you won’t be able to transfer funds from another blockchain or cryptocurrency to/from TOA. There are initially 8.8 billion TOAs with a yearly inflation or volume growth of 2% . This means that the volume increases everyday and this is programmed as such, that there is  no need to do anything not even have to manually give them out to you. So if you have 100,000 TOAs you will roughly gain additional 5 TOAs per day or simply 2,000 per year and this type of transaction is called Staking or Mining in the case of Bitcoin.

These additional coins are called staking rewards as it is basically a reward that you gain for connecting to the network of users. A blockchain is a peer to peer network and has no central server that controls  your coins unlike those digital currencies that do not have a blockchain.  With the blockchain, as more people are connected to the network, the more stable the network becomes  as everyone validates a transaction. Think of it if you only have 2 users connected, one could be in the correct blockchain while the other could be trying to build his own blockchain or basically falsifying the data. Who will validate the transaction then if both are trying to write different versions of the blockchain? You need validators or those who contain the right blockchain to compare the transactions and tell which one is correct and eventually reject the user who is trying to cheat the blockchain. So basically, the more users that  are connected to the network the better it is for the blockchain. So how do users connect to the network?  They easily connect to the network via their wallet.

Where do you store your TOA?
Just like paper money, we store them in our wallet (well most of us). For cryptocurrency, we also call them wallet only in an electronical manner as these are computer programs you install in your Mobile, Windows, MAC or Linux devices.  Through these you are able to keep your TOAs or send/receive TOAs from other users. You also receive your staking reward (discussed previously) in your wallet – though not all wallets receive staking rewards. The point of staking rewarding is you have your own blockchain copy and you validate the transactions of others.  But some wallets may not be capable of doing this. The mobile versions of the wallets are programmed to be lightweight and has smaller file size and it would not be able to keep up with the growing blockchain copy.

And of course, you will have your TOA addresses as well which is an alphanumeric one around 26 characters long or more that starts with letter T. This address is being used as your receiving address so the sender would require to know your wallet’s receiving address for him/her be able to send their TOAs to you. Even though all are writing in one blockchain, allowing everyone to be able to look into all the transactions, your identities remain anonymous as your addresses do not contain any of your personal info.

Is TOA a scam?

Is TOA coin a scam? Saying no would be easy but real scammers will say just the same. So instead, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge to identify a real online investment program from the scam ones. The ratio wouldn’t favor the real ones though as there could probably be just a handful of real investment programs versus hundreds of scammers out there. Cryptocurrency is a powerful system, it is designed NOT to be a ponzi scheme but what makes it great also made it to be a vehicle for scamming. There are lots of online programs out there that use the word cryptocurrency or bitcoin to attract investors.

So how to identify the real from not? First you need to know the basics of cryptocurrency and digital currency. Cryptocurrency has its own blockchain as its backbone. Blockchain allows the cryptocurrency to operate on its own, be adopted by 3rd parties, be listed in exchanges and many more. The blockchain must be transparent to the public and all transactions are visible and untampered just like what Bitcoin has. Digital currencies on the other hand may not have their own blockchain and they are more centralized in nature meaning 3rd party systems cannot adopt them and all the running systems are created by its founders. This makes digital currency from unknown company or source more likely to turn out to be a scam because once the founders decide to stop operating, there’s no way for you to encash your digital assets. Most digital currencies as well depend on referral system so referral rewards are usually on the high side. They also have an overly stated high ROIs so to attract new investors.
Cryptocurrency is decentralized by nature. If your asset is in your desktop or mobile wallets and the founders decide to stop, you will still be able to encash your digital assets via selling them to 3rd party exchanges. The more 3rd party systems there are, the more stable the cryptocurrency becomes. This makes the economy of the coin becomes more fluid and independent from a single or central entity.

But not all cryptocurrencies are legit. There are roughly 800 cryptos out there but maybe you can only have a dozen or 2 with actual usage. As stated earlier, cryptocurrencies have a lesser chance of becoming a scam compared to digital currencies with centralized approach, but it can still turn out to be a scam or be a failure due to a number of factors. The way it was designed, the developers’ action after releasing the coin and the realization of its future projects. Creating a cryptocurrency is the easy part, building a solid community behind it is hard. The success of a cryptocurrency depends on its community. Without its community, the cryptocurrency will soon fail and the price will dwindle until panic selling happens in 3rd party exchanges. Most cryptocurrency experts look at how the coin was created, which includes if it is POW or POS, its inflation rate and the volume.

POW or Proof-of-Work allows users to mine the coin or basically get it for free by just using some software on their computer. (which was how bitcoin was back in the early days.) The problem with POW ( aside from you get it free at first using just your computer) is that it becomes more difficult to mine as years go by – so bitcoin nowadays can no longer be mined by just a computer alone as you need specialized devices or so called miners that cost a couple of thousands US Dollars to mine small amounts of bitcoins. But POW coins are attractive to the miners as the earlier you mine the coin, the easier it can be mined , which results with you getting assets just by using your miners. Then there’s POS or Proof-of-Stake that requires a miner to be just a simple software in the computer which is your very own wallet that you installed in your computer. The good thing about POS is that the amount of free coins that they will get depends on how high the inflation rate the coin has. If the stated inflation rate of the coin was designed to be at 50% per annum, it means the amount of free coins they will acquire per year by just keeping their coins in their wallet will amount to 50% of their total holdings. So a user with 10,000 number of coins will get 5,000 new coins in a year which you will receive on a daily basis in small amounts. It might sound good that a higher inflation the better to benefit its users – but you have to take note that these new coins could turn out to be sold in the exchanges for quick money which might hurt the price of the coin in the long term. As a coin with a volume of 100 million, this means that there will be free 50 million coins that could be sold in the exchanges over the course of 1 year. And of course the total volume, too high total volume must be justified same as a very low volume could hinder the distribution of the coin. This will depend on how you plan the coin to be used. If you plan the coin to be used by millions of users then a high volume could be needed or else you need to have a very high increase in pricing just like bitcoin. It can be best looked into by basing it in the market cap of the coin which is computed by its price per coin multiplied by its volume. Bitcoin reached a high market cap despite a low volume because of its very high price. You can check the market cap of different cryptocurrencies over at TOA is designed to be POS, a low inflation rate of 2% with a volume of 8.8 billion.

So if it was properly designed, does it mean it will be a sure make-me-rich type of investment? Nope. It depends on how you spread your cryptocurrency and make it usable by the public or the community. You need to make it appealing to investors, programmers and general users by providing the systems that they can work or use with. So how will TOA approach these sectors? Investors need to see the realization of the roadmap or the future projects. Programmers would want the coin to be easily available for them to use in their own systems so they can create other interesting websites that accept TOA. In doing so,  they could profit in doing for example, a simple e-Commerce website with them selling items, but instead of accepting Bitcoin only or other cryptocurrency, would rather use TOA and Bitcoin – perhaps due to the fact that TOA is easily programmable or can be adopted to their systems and only a few coins provide those via APIs (Application Programming Interface).

General users want a coin that they can use in many systems or online services, so providing them with several 3rd party service providers’ partnerships like 3rd party payment systems, 3rd party online wallet providers, etc. would be a real advantage.  And of course providing them our own services that they can use their TOA with will be the best approach.

But of course, we need the community and early investors’ support in order for all of this to become a reality.