TOA Coin is a PoW/PoS cryptocurrency aimed to provide efficiency related to one’s traveling expenses. TOA Coin provide its users the ability to use cryptocurrency as a mode of payment for services like Hotel accommodation and other travel related expenses. TOA Coin is designed to have 2% inflation rate with an initial volume of 8.8 Billion. TOA Coin POW phase will be completed before launching it to the public allowing the users to treat it as a pure PoS Coin with 2% annual inflation rate.


The low inflation rate of 2% simply means that TOA Coin holders gain additional coins by simply holding unto their TOA Coin at 2% per annum evenly distributed everyday. An example would be, a user with 1 million TOA Coin will have an additional 20,000 TOA Coin after 1 year. This means it is being distributed to the user everyday at roughly around 55 TOA Coins per day. A low inflation rate is needed to create a balance between rewarding TOA Coin holders while at the same time not producing too much new TOA Coins that could end up being sold to exchanges creating a downtrend price effect.


TOA Coin is designed to make travel easier by making it as the mode of payment. Partner establishments in your destinations like hotel , coffee shops and even travel agencies will accept TOA coins paid through your mobile device. This convenience offers you much advantage when traveling through different countries - oblivious of the currency exchanges and the need to bring cash.


TOA Coin will provide users their Online wallet, a mobile wallet, a desktop wallet and more. We will also include TOA Coin in other 3rd party systems to create a more open system approach like Exchanges, Online Multi wallets, Block Explorer and other 3rd party services.


In the world today, traveling is very common to each and everyone of us. We love to travel and TOA Coin will simply allow you to love traveling much further by providing you services that you can avail with ease. TOA Coin can be transferred to anyone at ease, anytime and fast. No need to wait for your local bank to transfer your funds and wait for the next banking day to receive your cash. Transfer funds using TOA Coin and with our vast network of partnering travel service providers, all you will need is your mobile phone and you can travel at ease.

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