TOA Coin is a PoW/PoS cryptocurrency aimed to provide efficiency in our daily lives. TOA Coin aims to provide real-world usage to its community by establishing value-added services on top of it.

It is designed to have a 2% inflation rate with an initial volume of 8.8 Billion. The circulation volume, however, is only 4.4B because the remaining 50% was used in the early stage to protect the network from a possible 51% attack.

TOA Coin POW phase was completed before launching it to the public allowing the users to treat it as a pure PoS Coin with 2% annual inflation rate.


TOA Coin holders gain additional coins by simply holding on to their TOA Coins at a rate of 2% per annum evenly distributed everyday.

For example, a user with 1 million TOA Coins will have an additional 20,000 TOA Coins after 1 year. This means additional coins are being distributed to the user at roughly around 55 TOA Coins per day.

A low inflation rate is essential to maintain a balance between rewarding TOA Coin holders and limiting the production of excess TOA Coins that could end up being sold to exchanges and then creating a downtrend effect to its price.


TOA Coin is designed to make our lives easier by making it as the preferred mode of payment for different services such as booking for your next travel, paying for your coffee, shopping online and many more using just your mobile devices.

TOA Coins stored in your web or mobile wallet will make it convenient for any one to travel to different countries without worrying about bringing cash nor the latest currency exchange rate.

TOA Coin is also engineered to be transferred to anyone in the world quickly.


TOA Coin will provide users with a Desktop Wallet for staking and a Web and Mobile Wallet for mobility and added convenience.

We will also include TOA Coin in 3rd party systems like Exchanges, Online Multi Wallets, Block Explorers to create a more open system.

Our Mobile App will be easy-to-use to create a positive user experience especially for those who are still new to TOA and cryptocurrency in general. We will also establish TOA as an efficient payment system for traditional businesses and we will release an app that will satisfy the needs of the users and the business owners.


Initial Volume - 8.8B
Locked coins - 4.4B
Algorithm - Scrypt POW (first 10,000 blocks) + POS
Inflation Rate - 2% per annum
Block Size - 1MB
Block Time - 60 secs


In the world today, traveling is very common to each and everyone of us. People love to travel and explore new places. Our TOA Coin and the services we will build on top of it will make it easy for anyone to travel and use cryptocurrency.

Transferring TOA Coins will be fast and it can be done by anyone, anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. TOA will create an ecosystem that will fully utilize the benefits of cryptocurrency and, together with our partner network, we will allow anyone to book hotels, pay bills, and shop online with just your mobile phone while sitting on the beach and staring at the lovely sunset.

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